Stadsbrouwerij Wageningen

A  Strong Saison with an unique herbal, fruity aroma and a full and rich taste. This beer was developed in a centuries old, arched cellar of the former Castle of Wageningen.

Saison beers find their origin on the countryside of southern Belgium where this beer was brewed during the quieter winter months to be served to the field workers during the hot summer months.

Below you see a picture of what the Castle of Wageningen must have looked like some centuries ago. In the middle, below the tall chimney, the brewhouse of the castle used to be situated. The arched cellar next to museum Casteelse Poort used to be below that brewhouse.
The ruler of the castle was called Drost van Wageningen.

Kasteel van Wageningen
Kasteel van Wageningen
Hop aroma
Serveer temp.: 8-10°C
Fermentation: top-cropping
Alcohol: 8,4% vol.
Plato: 17°