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Momfer de Mol

Momfer de MolWith this series of strong beers we combine the pure taste of delicious beers with the aroma’s from wooden Whisky barrels. With Momfer de Mol (character from Dutch television series Fabeltjeskrant, from the seventies and eighties) we bring you a unique beer in a limited edition: quirky, challenging and with a lot of taste. Each barrel-aged beer has its own character, below more information about the different editions.

The beer has obtained a deep dark colour from this barrel and an intense, peated scent. The taste is smooth and complex with an aftertaste that strongly confirms the lagering in this beautiful barrel.

Edition 1
This beer is aged on a ex-Ultimate Ledaig 2008 whisky barrel.

Edition 2
This edition is aged on a ex-Ultimate Bunnahabhain Moine whisky barrel.

Occasion: Enjoy this beer with friends on gloomy winter nights
Number of bottles: 851
Serving temp.: 8-10°C
Fermentation: top-cropping
Alcohol: 8,7% vol.
Plato: 21,5°

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