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Raddraaier Radler

An honest, summery refreshment: our craft radler is made with real, fresh lemonade.

Raddraaier Radler

The Raddraaier Radler is sold only fresh, from draft in a glass. If you buy our Raddraaier Radler you have to indicate which beer you would like us to mix with the lemonade, you can choose all the draft beers from that moment. For example: with Hermelijn you will obtain a radler with bite but with our Otto II the radler will be much rounder and softer.

Did you know:

  • Because we cannot sell our Raddraaier Radler in the bottle we serve it only fresh, in our brewpub and on festivals. Because our Raddraaier contains live yeast it will build up a life-threatening pressure with sugar from the lemonade .
  • The recipe for our lemonade can be found here on our website?

Occasion: Delicious refreshment for those times when you still have to cycle for a few kilometers.
Because our Raddraaier Radler will result in a different taste with every kind of beer we can not show any organoleptic sheet here.

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