Why and how should I make a reservation?
Reservations are made compulsory by the Government. Please read the conditions below carefully.

  1. We can receive up to 30 guests simultaneously in 11 places
  2. No reservations are required on our terrace
  3. Reserve as much as possible via the button above! Use the Note field to indicate any wishes.
  4. Reservations cost nothing with us. However, because the amount of places inside is limited, we expect you to be there! If for good reasons you can not come please let us know as soon as possible!
  5. A roommate or not?
    1. Housemates may sit together at the table
    2. Two non-housemates may sit together at a 2-person table
    3. Three or more non-housemates must reserve a table per household
  6. We have the following tables
    1. 7x tables for 2
    2. 4x table for 4 persons
    3. 1x table for 8
  7. Your reservation is standard 2 hours
  8. At the end of your visit, the entire table will be charged, to minimize the number of contact moments with the staff.
  9. Pay with PIN unless there is no other option.
  10. You will receive a checklist upon arrival in accordance with RIVM guidelines
  11. Also consider the visit that comes after you. In case of crowds we appreciate it if you pay on time so that we have the opportunity to have your table ready for the next guest in time
  12. By making a reservation you declare that you have no corona health complaints
  13. After sending your reservation we will find a suitable table and you will receive a notification from us as soon as possible if that did not work.
  14. For example, indicate in the note field whether you:
    1. you want to reserve an hour more or less
    2. have a preference for a specific table
    3. and possibly if you come for the burgers
  15. On the day of your reservation you will receive a confirmation email asking if you want to
  16. Your data will only be used to inform the government who was present at a certain time in case of corona infection

Finally, we would like to emphasize that we’d like to see you!

On behalf of all employees of ‘t Rad !!

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