Stadsbrouwerij Wageningen

Wagenings Hout Bruin With this series of beers we combine the pure taste of delicious beers with the aromas of fine wooden barrels. Each version of this beer is wood-matured and has its own unique flavor. Edition 2 Again a ruby red color originating from a Domaine de l’Arjolle wine barrel. This edition has a friendly sourness in addition to a rich and complex flavor with notes of oak and fruitiness. Goes excellent with the most flavourful cheese. Edition 1 This is the first wood matured beer from Brouwerij Wageningen. The beer obtained a ruby red color from maturation in a wine barrel of Domaine de l’Arjolle. During it’s time in the wooden barrel we added a secondary culture after which the beer obtained a rich complex flavor with notes of oak and fruitiness.

Occasion: Great with a nice cheese platter or spicy dishes.
Number of bottles: 586
Serving temp.: 8-10°C
Yeast: Top-cropping
Alcohol: 7,8% vol.
Plato: 19,4°