Construction in the brewery

Klaar met verven
Done painting?

These days we’re still mainly busy creating a sanitary environment, fit for producing superb beers. We were able to cover most of the plumbing and and electricity with a drywall ceiling. We painted the ceiling and walls with a paint that can resist the humid environment from the brew process and can be cleaned easily.

We also built a warm room. When we fill our bottles with beer we’ll also add a little bit of sugar, the yeast will ferment this small amount of sugar into alcohol and CO2. Since the bottles will be closed with a cap the yeast will be carbonating the beer in a natural way to a desired pressure and use up any left-over oxygen. The re-fermentation takes place at a warm temperature and therefore we will have to heat the warm room somewhat. The excess heat from the refrigerators that we use for the main fermentation will be used for this.

The finishing touch for our beer will be performed with recycled heat!

Warme kamer en muren brouwerij afgewerkt
Warm room and walls finished. The fridges will be placed on the outside of the room.

One of the following tasks is to finish our work on the brewery (one wall gets one more layer of paint, floor needs some work too) and start constructing the fermentation capacity.

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